Security Entry Consultants is a full service security, fire and life safety consultancy specializing in security entry solutions and safe egress design strategies.  We are experts in risk mitigation, codes and regulatory compliance, engineering and design services, construction management and support, physical and cyber security technologies, and systems integration and customization.

Setting positive goals that are achievable, measurable, and align with business objectives is the first step in developing an efficient, sustainable and resilient security and risk management program, and creating secure and safe entry points that serve the needs of the organization are critical elements to that success.


Finding the right vendor, the right product, and the right solution can be a daunting task.  Then consider the complexities of codes and compliance, designing solutions that satisfy all stakeholders, managing the construction process, and training employees on new technologies and procedures.  We will take the time to carefully review and evaluate technologies and solutions to insure requirements and expectations are met.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss, review and evaluate your organization's existing risk management programs, as well as infrastructure and technologies, in areas of security, fire and life safety.  Decisions about securing entry points in and around your facilities should be made after careful review and analysis by those representing your interests and with the experience to do so. 

Every entry is a reflection of your business, and also your first line of defense against bad actors with malicious or criminal intent.  Making the wrong decision about the "how" and "why" to protect and secure each entrance can have unintended consequences.  Security Entry Consultants will take the time to explain the "how" and "why" so that you fully understand your options and associated costs.

Codes and regulatory compliance standards have not kept pace with technology, and technology has become vast and varied with many makes and models promising solutions that, often times, fail to live up to expectations.  We take a holistic view in developing engineering and design solutions that efficiently and effectively serve the needs of your organization in mitigating risk and safeguarding people, property, information and mission.  

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