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Security Entry Consultants is a full-service security, fire and life safety consultancy specializing in security entry solutions and safe egress design strategies.  We are experts in risk mitigation strategies, codes and regulatory compliance, engineering and design, construction management and support, physical and cyber security technologies, and systems integration and customization. 

Building Owners and Property Managers

Security Entry Consultants will work with your company to arrive at code compliant, audit ready solutions that exceed your expectations in security, safety, compliance, aesthetics, performance, and cost savings.   We will work closely with architects, product vendors, service providers, and other stakeholders to insure all phases of design and construction meet your expectations.   We can also assist with security and safety program development and implementation.  We are trusted advisors and educators representing your interests.

Architects, Engineers, and Consultants

Security Entry Consultants will work with your company during any or all phases of design and construction; from initial site survey and risk assessment to equipment commissioning and training. We can assist your team with field survey work, solutions engineering and design, and construction management.  We can also provide valuable assistance with cost estimating, and product selection/customization. Our goal is to help your team avoid costly mistakes and deliver a winning solution to your customers.

Contractors and Integrators

Security Entry Consultants will work with your company to enhance and optimize your service and support capabilities so that you can deliver projects on-time and under budget.  We can assist with site assessments, plan and specification review, engineering and design analysis, cost estimates, develop submittal packages, address code and compliance issues, and coordinate design strategies with other project stakeholders.   Our goal is to help your team deliver the right solution, under the right conditions, so that your customer's expectations are met.


Security Entry Consultants will work with your company to augment your team's capabilities during the design and construction process including, but not limited to: site surveys, risk assessments, engineering and design, project management, and codes/compliance dispute resolution.  We can also assist with end-user training, equipment commissioning, product development and customization requirements., technology and industry trend analysis, and listings and approvals.

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Security Entry Consultants can provide federal, state and local governments with third-party building, fire, security, and life safety plan review, inspection, and testing services.  Let us develop a third-party program and fee schedule that addresses your organizational needs for completing plan review and inspections within your jurisdiction. All project submittals will be reviewed against current codes, standards, and ordinances adopted and enforced in your jurisdiction.  We can also assist your organization with annual inspections of fire, security and life safety systems for compliance with maintenance, testing and record keeping.  See also fire- and smoke-rated door annual inspection requirements.

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