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Fire Doors, Smoke Doors, & Egress Doors 

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Building and fire codes establish minimum requirements for the installation and maintenance of fire protection features and life safety systems, which include fire- and smoke-rated barrier systems.  These barriers are building construction features that are intended to prevent the spread of flames, smoke and toxic gases during a fire.  Openings in these barriers are necessary and essential for building operation and use; likewise, protecting their integrity during a fire is critical for safeguarding life and property.

NFPA 80 and NFPA 105 regulate the installation and maintenance of fire- and smoke-rated door assemblies and other opening protectives.  Annual inspections are required to insure the door assemblies are fully operational and in compliance with these codes.  Failure to provide evidence of annual inspections and subsequent corrective actions (when necessary) to the local fire or building officials (when requested) can result in code violations, fines, or possibly the revocation of an occupancy permit.

If installed in accordance with codes and standards at the time of construction, fire- and smoke-rated doors rarely need to be replaced and can last the life of the building.  Deficiencies can generally be traced to poor maintenance, non-compliant modifications, or poor housekeeping practices.  Most deficiencies are easily resolved at little or no cost; however, in some cases repairs can be costly and may require recertification or replacement. 

Having a program in place to inspect, test and maintain your fire and life safety systems and technologies is not only required by building and fire codes but, more importantly, prudent for the health, safety and wellbeing of building occupants.  Local, state and federal agencies, and some insurance companies, require documented evidence that annual inspection and tests are being completed. 

Our services can help your organization comply with building and fire code requirements and, more importantly, help your organization provide a safe and secure building environment should there be an emergency requiring building construction features and life safety systems to operate as intended.  Let our trained and certified CFDAI and AAADM inspectors put an inspection and testing program together for your organization.

Fire, Smoke & Egress Door Services
  • Acceptance tests and commissioning

  • Annual compliance inspections and tests

  • ADA/accessibility Inspections and tests

  • Inspection reports in easy-to-read format

  • Mapping locations and Inventory documentation

  • Preventive maintenance programs

  • Remediation and restoration service and support

Building and fire codes require fire- and smoke-rated doors to be maintained in accordance with NFPA 80 and NFPA 105, respectively, and include a formal safety inspection on an annual basis.  Records must be made available for review by local fire or building officials upon request and retained for at least 3 years.

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Related Services
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  • Life safety surveys and plan documentation

  • Means of egress analysis and evacuation plans

  • Fire and Life Safety Equipment Commissioning

  • Emergency lighting and exit signage inspections 

  • Fire barrier management programs

  • Fire/smoke dampers inspections and tests

  • Firestopping inspection and analysis

  • Building and fire code analysis

Building and fire codes require the means of egress to be maintained and available for use at all times.  Fire safety and evacuation plans must be provided and available for review by fire and building officials upon request.

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