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Engineering, Design & Construction Support

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Security Entry Consultants can provide a wide range of consulting and engineering services to help secure and protect people, property, information and mission.  We start by setting positive goals and objectives that are achievable, measurable, and align with the business mission.    

We take a holistic, all-hazard risk mitigation approach and then work to address each threat vector based on established goals and objectives.  This approach maximizes the protective effect of complementary mitigation design strategies and optimizes all-hazard design techniques with other building technologies.

CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design) is one such design strategy that complements traditional crime prevention design practices by taking advantage of opportunities for natural access control, surveillance, and territorial reinforcement. We work to find the balance based on a full and complete understanding of the environment and risk mitigation strategies. 

Developing KPIs and metrics to establish baseline criteria and measure performance is key to successful risk management and program development, and something we encourage our customers to implement and continually monitor for review, analysis, and improvement.

Site Surveys, Assessments & Audits
Programs, Plans, Polices & Procedures
  • Risk, Threat, & Vulnerability Assessments

  • Gap Analysis / Benchmarking

  • Audits / Needs Assessments

  • CPTED Studies & Design Strategies

  • Hazard Analysis Studies

  • Technology Assessments / Metrics

  • Emergency Planning & Crisis Management    

  • Security Master Plans & Programs

  • Asset Classification & Identification

  • Security Policies, Procedures, Guidelines  

  • Fire Safety Plans / Egress Plans

  • Training & End-User Orientation

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Engineering & Design
Construction Support
  • Systems Design & Engineering

  • Plans, Specifications, & RFPs

  • Budgeting & Cost Estimates

  • Codes & Regulatory Compliance

  • Building, Fire & Egress Code Analysis

  • ADA Accessibility Review

  • Code Equivalencies & Variances

  • Demo Equipment Setup & Testing

  • Investigation and Litigation Support

  • Construction / Project Management

  • Plan Review & Submittal Packages    

  • RFIs & Cost Estimating

  • Permit Application & Approval Process

  • Change Order Requests & Review

  • Dispute Resolution & Code Hearings 

  • Vendor / Contractor Proposal Review

  • 3rd Party Technology Integration

  • Acceptance Testing & Commissioning

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