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Security Turnstiles & Gates

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Turnstiles have been around for over a century, although their design, use and application has evolved as new technologies have immerged. They can be found in amusement parks, office lobbies, mass transit stations, industrial facilities, stadiums and many other locations where security containment is critical.


They come in many styles and configurations, are used in both indoor and outdoor locations, and when used for security applications, are generally integrated with electronic access control systems to restrict passage to authorized persons with valid credentials.  Despite some recent changes to IBC and NFPA 101, there is still considerable confusion in how to interpret and apply the individual sections for each type of turnstile, that often results in poor design choices and/or non-compliant installations.


Choosing the right technology, following industry best practices, and making sure the design and installation addresses (and documents) means of egress and accessibility requirements, is key to a successful project.  In addition, understanding the different types of turnstiles, and their form, fit and function, are important considerations for proper selection, application and use.   Prior to design and construction, a security risk assessment should be completed to insure performance objectives are understood, and form, fit and function can be achieved. 


Let us help you design and install your next security turnstile solution.  We have experience with many types and configurations and will help you identify and select the best model for your application.  We understand the design and construction process and will work with all stakeholders to insure the project is properly managed from start to finish.  Working with a specialty consultant for customized and complex openings is money well spent and likely to be a money saver when you consider what can go wrong when you have a multiple stakeholders with competing interests.    


We are experts in building codes and means of egress analysis, as well as accessibility considerations, product technologies, construction techniques, customized solutions and project managment.  We understand what can and cannot be done and at what cost.  We know installation practices, commissioning, testing and preventive maintenance.  We have experience with all types of security entry technologies and welcome the opportunity to work with your team to deliver the optimum solution for your building entrance. 

  • Optical Turnstiles (Security Access Turnstiles)

  • Full Height Turnstiles

  • Waist High Turnstiles

  • Access Gates

Turnstiles and Gates
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