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Other Technologies & Solutions

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There are many security, fire and life safety technologies available in the market today with new technologies constantly being introduced.  And when you add in the complexity of 3rd party integration, interoperability, and customized solutions, it can get quite confusing. 

Security Entry Consultants can help customers sort through the marketing hype, provide independent review and analysis, and determine the best options for form, fit and function.  We have extensive experience with many different technologies and are specialist in developing solutions that mitigate risk and safeguard people property, information systems, and mission.   

When property designed, installed and maintained, these technologies can provide years of service; and, when included as part of a risk managment program with policies and procedures that support their operation and use, they can significantly impact an organizations risk profile and compliance posture.

Architectural & Structural

  • Doors / Windows / Locking 

  • Turnstiles / Mantraps

  • Vents / Hatches / Skylights

  • Vaults / Containers / Safes

  • Fencing / Gates / Walls

  • Bollards / Crash Barriers

  • Lighting / Signage

  • Landscaping / Natural Barriers

  • CPTED Techniques

  • Natural Access Control

Electronic Security
  • Access Control  

  • Visitor Management  

  • Video Surveillance  

  • Intrusion Detection  

  • Perimeter Detection

  • Duress Alarms  

  • Weapons Detection

  • Biometrics  

  • Intercoms

  • Parking Controls

Fire & Life Safety 
  • Emergency Communication

  • Mass Notification  

  • Fire Alarm

  • Smoke & Heat Detection

  • Smoke Control 

  • Gas Detection 

  • Fire Suppression 

  • Special Hazard

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Water Supplies

  • Security Force

  • Visitor Management 

  • Badging

  • Incident Management

  • Security Operation Center

  • Packaging / Mail Handling

  • Investigation

  • Training & Awareness

  • Executive Protection

  • IT/Cyber Security

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