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Architectural Revolving Doors

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The history of the revolving door dates back to 1888 when the first U.S. patent was granted to Theophilus Van Kannel in Philadelphia.  In 1889, the first wooden revolving door was installed at Rector’s restaurant in Manhattan on Times Square.  Today, thousands of revolving doors are in operation around the world, in virtually every market and building type with benefits that include aesthetics, energy efficiency, noise dampening, improved space utilization, reduction in outdoor pollution, safety, and security.


Let us help you design and install your next architectural revolving door.  We have experience with many types and configurations and will help you identify and select the best model for your application.  We understand the design and construction process and will work with all stakeholders to insure the project is properly managed from start to finish.  Working with a specialty consultant for customized and complex openings like revolving doors is money well spent and likely to be a money saver when you consider all the pieces of the puzzle that must be managed throughout the design and construction process.   


We are experts in building codes and means of egress analysis, as well as accessibility considerations, product technologies, construction techniques, and customized solutions.  We understand what can and cannot be done and at what cost.  We know installation practices, commissioning, testing and preventive maintenance.  We have experience with each of the following door types and welcome the opportunity to work with your team to deliver the optimum solution for your building entrance. 


Architectural Revolving Doors:

  • Manual Revolving Doors

  • Automatic (Power-Operated) Revolving Doors

Security Revolving Doors  

  • One-Way Access Controlled Revolving Doors

  • Access Controlled Revolving Door 

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AAADM Certified Revolving Door Inspections: 


  • Pre-installation quality control and evaluation

  • New installation commissioning and testing

  • Annual safety/compliance inspection and labeling



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